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Canada’s demographic landscape is shifting

By 2031, more than 1 in 3 Canadians will be aboriginal or minority. Today, Toronto and Vancouver are close to 50% aboriginal and minority.

Minority and aboriginal consumers are an important economic force and strategic corporations recognize that their future success is tied to the economic success of minority and aboriginal communities.

Over the past 15 years, aboriginal peoples and minorities have been buying and starting businesses significantly faster than the Canadian average.

Successful aboriginal and minority businesses create employment in aboriginal and minority communities, expand the tax base, and boost competitiveness.

CAMSC enables your company to reach out to the fastest growing group of businesses in Canada to access the potential innovation, competitiveness, responsiveness, source of labour and market-knowledge that aboriginal and minority-owned businesses offer.

Corporate Membership with CAMSC

CAMSC facilitates linkages between corporate Canada and certified aboriginal and minority-owned suppliers across Canada. Corporate membership provides purchasing groups with a range of tools and resources to develop and grow their supplier diversity programs, and thereby derive business benefits from inclusion of diverse suppliers.

CAMSC corporate membership is open to private sector companies that aim to develop an inclusive and diverse supply chain, and commit to CAMSC’s mission and objectives. Read more about our programs and resources for CAMSC corporate members in Membership Benefits

CAMSC is solely funded by the private sector, and membership fees enable CAMSC to expand its reach to identify additional aboriginal and minority suppliers, deliver networking events, and develop programs and services that facilitate inclusion of aboriginal and minority suppliers in corporate supply chains.

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